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Exclude posts from /random?

It doesn't look like there is any templating power to how "/random" is resolved. I notice though that random script will show any entry on my blog even it has a "search: no" metadata. In fact it appears that random script just loves showing those "hidden" entries )), giving them a priority. Could we please: a). agree to exclude "search: no" entries from the /random, and perhaps b). introduce a new metadata "random: no" or a template view, or, at least, c). give an option to disable random script in site settings

Getting a list of pages without using menu

I'm struggling to do something with a template that I thought would be easy but is turning out to be harder than I thought. Specifically, I'm trying to create pages (not posts) for projects that I've worked on in the past. I don't want these to be in the site's main menu, so I'm hiding them with Menu: no, as instructed. However, in doing this I seem to completely lose the ability to surface the page elsewhere. As far as I can tell pages themselves can't be embedded into other pages, and I'm unable to get an index to this now hidden page at all. I also tried instead making all the projects their own posts but in a hidden folder, but ran into the same issue. Them being hidden fully excludes them for being accessed in any list. Additionally, I was surprised to find that #all_entries doesn't return any pages, even if the page is visible. The IsPage key in the object made me think this wouldn't be the case, but alas. What would be nice is if there was a way to just get a list of pages for the site. I think you could implicitly exclude pages in that list that state Menu: no, but could also provide an override like InPageList that would allow pages to be hidden from the global menu but able to be indexed elsewhere.

Tags as RSS categories?

Is it possible to modify the RSS feed so that an entry's tags will be declared as categories in the feed? I'm asking because I'm switching to Feedmail for email subscriptions and they have a feature that lets users subscribe to or exclude specific categories. Would be great if I could take advantage of that feature.

Any plans to add ActivityPub compatibility?

Could be interesting to jump in to the Fediverse!

Best practice for posting videos?

My site is nothing special, just old school blog I throw personal crap on. I had a few vertical videos taken on phone I put up, I converted them to .mp4 whcih works. When it comes to sizing and how to post them I was wondering if anyone had any advice, Here are two posts I have videos in. They work, just advice.

Why is my background-color not being respected?

Can anyone tell me why the background-color value is being ignored on this page? (Please excuse the mess when viewing source.) It had been working fine many months (ie the background was blue; the text was white), and then — without me making any changes to the page — it started displaying as a white page. I've exhausted my own skills in trying to get the background set to #0165ff again, and I'm starting to wonder whether I've broken something further upstream: style.css; head.html or similar.

Change the color of the banner and text?

I like the minimalism of Blot so I don't wanna add much. Just would be nice to be able to change the color of the banner & text

Last row of images is larger in Portfolio template?

Is there any way to not have the last row of images be larger than the rest? Happy to change code if you can point me in the right direction. You can see it in the example preview of the Portfolio template:

Embed/add Youtube video in a post

Within a post, I want to embed/add a Youtube video in such a way that it can be played right in the post, without going to Youtube. Please let me know how to achieve this. Thank you! I'm using a forked Blog template.

Recent changes not visible on news page?

Just found the blocks or changes on todo page ( is now disappeared?

Pages aren’t indexed?

Google search console says my pages aren't indexed because "there are pages with redirect." How do I fix it? Thank you.

How to hide text if it's the homepage

I'd like to hide a link on my homepage. I thought using the below conditional on the page variable would work but it didn't work and the text is hidden everywhere. Any ideas? {{^page}}The text I want to hide.{{/page}}

Will changing link format break things?

For the past few years I've been using a {{YYYY}}/{{M}}/{{slug}} format for my links. I'm reconsidering not having that leading 0 for the month. What will happen to old posts if I change it to {{YYYY}}/{{MM}}/{{slug}}?

Images not showing?

Everything was working fine with my site but from last txt files, is not showing the images correctly, is showing the titles and date instead, and I don't understand why. This is the site:

I cannot access the Bulk Edit Redirects page?

Hello. I have been unable to access the Bulk Edit for redirects recently on my dashboard. The page flickers when I click, but doesn't actually load the bulk edit window as it used to. Is there a problem with it? Thanks

Wikilinks with iA Writer?

I'm not sure what changed for me moving from dropbox to git to sync my blog. I cannot seem to get wikilinks to show up after syncing the repo with some writing I've done. They show up properly in IA Writer version 7 and always showed up correctly previously.

Empty summary metadata is rendered as the text 'null'?

By default, I include a "Summary:" line in post metadata. I don't always add a Summary, but if I leave it empty it renders {{summary}} as null in the template. I tried adding a conditional like so: {{#summary}}{{summary}}{{/summary}} ...but that still renders as null unless I remove the Summary line from the front matter completely. I'd prefer it if I could leave an empty Summary: value in the post metadata without it rendering as null. Possible?

Org-Mode link syntax?

Typically when linking to another file in org-mode you would use this syntax: file:path/to/ However this doesn't work in blot. I'd love if this syntax would be implemented as C-c C-l defaults to this behavior. If this isn't possible with blot, what is the preferred syntax?

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