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questions tagged ‘Feedback’

What new methods of syncing a folder would you like?

At the moment, Blot supports three ways to sync a folder: Dropbox, Google Drive and Git. We're currently working on adding others – which tools or services would you like us to support?

What new templates would you like?

Blot currently has five templates – each has a specific purpose for a sort of website. Are there other use-cases you'd like to see? Other types of website you could make with Blot, that don't currently exist as a template?

What new file types would like Blot to support?

At the moment, Blot can turn five types of files into posts. We plan to expand this list in future – what file types would be useful to you?

Multi-file posts syntax?

We plan to add support for merging multiple files into a single post on Blot. My question for you is, what should the syntax be? We need to indicate that a subfolder's files should be merged into a post, rather than become individual posts. Let's say you have a folder full of pictures of your trip to Italy. How should you indicate that instead of individual posts, per image, they should be merged into a single post automatically? A few options which come to mind: (Pictures from Italy) Pictures from Italy (album) Pictures from Italy -- -Pictures from Italy- {Pictures from Italy} Pictures from Pictures from Italy > Pictures from Italy @\Pictures from Italy #Pictures from Italy # Pictures from Italy Pictures from Italy & Pictures from Italy + + Pictures from Italy A few constraints: use safe, cross-platform characters make the resulting folder good to look at make it non-language specific if possible (i.e. don't depend on english words) There's more information about multi-file posts on GitHub, but please feel free to share your thoughts here on there. I'm writing the underlying code required for the feature at the moment, and the syntax can be adjusted down the line before release.