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32 questions tagged ‘Posts’

Best practice for posting videos?

My site is nothing special, just old school blog I throw personal crap on. I had a few vertical videos taken on phone I put up, I converted them to .mp4 whcih works. When it comes to sizing and how to post them I was wondering if anyone had any advice, Here are two posts I have videos in. They work, just advice.

Add support for Jupyter notebooks?

Hello - is there a nice workflow for this, or even better, will blot ever support a notebook file?

Selectively turn off image zoom?

I love the smooth, build-in image zoom (Blog Template), but I have a situation (image in a teaser section on the start page) where I would like to selectively turn it off, because it is preventing the image from being clickable. Is this possible somehow?

Sorting the posts in a [tagged] folder?

I have a bunch of images from a trip to Bali in a folder tagged [Bali]. I tried adding a markdown file in the same folder (tagged "Bali" in the meta data) in order to add a headline and some textual information. It is actually rendered, however, only at the end of the page underneath the images. Is there a way to push the text from the markdown file to the top of the page? I tried changing the date to be more recent than the images, but images seem to automatically have render priority.

A post from a folder of images?

When I put a folder with images into the root directory of the blog template, all images inside the folder are automatically loaded to the blog's start page. Is there a way I can replicate this mechanism for a page? And if so, how would I need to setup/name my files/directory? I assume there is a way, since the portfolio template does exactly what I want to achieve (every series of photos get's its dedicated link off the start page) but unfortunately the link to the download of the sample folder doesn't work anymore.

How do I add an anchor tag?

I tried to search for that, but the search on the questions page is not working.

Blog entries and notes in the same site

I feel like Blot is capable of serving as place where I can both create blog entries and register notes. The first ones are more structured, and the second ones are the kind of things I've been using Obsidian to write. This being said, I wonder if there is a way, using template tags or any other Blot feature I'm still unfamiliarized with, to completely hide my posts tagged as #notes from the homepage, while still being able to access a list of them separately, by, say, clicking in the menu. What I'd like to achieve by doing this is to have a mix of digital garden/ wiki/ blog in the same site. Am I aiming too high? Thanks for any help.

How to show a YouTube fullscreen player when I click a youtube url?

I want to show a YouTube video just like the Blot introduction video.

Google Drive Formatting

Using a hashtag for title, or using "Tag: " for tags doesn't register when I source my files from Google Drive. What formatting style should we use for Google Drive?

Linking images from Social Media?

How can I link images from social media, say, Instagram for example without the caption or borderline showing in a post.

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