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14 questions tagged ‘How’

Blog entries and notes in the same site

I feel like Blot is capable of serving as place where I can both create blog entries and register notes. The first ones are more structured, and the second ones are the kind of things I've been using Obsidian to write. This being said, I wonder if there is a way, using template tags or any other Blot feature I'm still unfamiliarized with, to completely hide my posts tagged as #notes from the homepage, while still being able to access a list of them separately, by, say, clicking in the menu. What I'd like to achieve by doing this is to have a mix of digital garden/ wiki/ blog in the same site. Am I aiming too high? Thanks for any help.

How to change text color within a post?

I would like to set a color for particular sections of text in my post. The intended use would be something like: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date; I want to make the bolded text red, and the italicized text blue. I am currently using the stock Blog template and uploading my posts as .docx files. (My bold/italics/underline and embedded images upload this way, but not text colors.) Where do I change my process to let me apply color to particular passages of text? Should I be uploading in a different file format, or modifying style.css in the Blog template?

Ordering photos

I'm fine with the chronological order of photos in the general feed, but I have a few tagged portfolios that I would like to display in a fixed order. I know date/time labeling them in the filename will do this, but then that date/time is displayed on screen. Is there a way to order them whilst hiding the date and maintaining a caption, which will also be in the filename? I tried using nested dated folders, which I guess works although they need to be numbered in reverse to display in the correct order.

Posting MP4 files

Is there any way to embed an MP4? When I do this it just shows a static image that does not play?

Use the first X characters of a post as title?

I have a fairly large number of posts that are imported from other services and have no titles. My first idea to handle this was to use a custom tag and then show "untitled post" for these posts. Unfortunately, it looks really silly on the archive page when there are several "untitled" posts in a row. My second idea to get the first X chars from the post and use that as the title, but is it possible to get the first X chars in some way? And before anyone suggest using the name of the file, my posts are stored in folders with images and are all called "" which means that I get an archive full of "index" which looks even more silly that "untitled post" 😁

Can I get a sample file with all possible layouts?

I see that in the intro video available in the website, some cool file layouts and formats were shown. Can I get access to those sample layouts to see whats actually possible with Blot?

Wikilinks bug?

Hi. Are wikilinks working as expected? I have the title of a post enclosed in double square brackets, in a page. But the link is broken. It inserts spaces instead of hyphens between the words and doesn't respect my link format. Example: I want a link on this page to link to this post. But it doesn't. Thanks

Can't nest folders?

I joined Blot tonight and I'm trying to make things work, but it seems you can't nest folders? So if I have: pages/dogs/ pages/dogs/ pages/dogs/ pages/dogs/hound.mdThen at the top, my menu now contains: Dogs, Labrador, Corgi, Hound. I just want the menu to contain Dogs, and then go to dogs/, and then I'll link to the other pages separately. But it seems that nesting does nothing, that every single page you create will show up in the menu bar automatically?

Specifying time in image posts?

When directly posting an image to Blot using the YEAR-MONTH-DAY File Name format, the time is always set to 12:00am. I wish to upload several images over several posts but in a particular order. Is there a method of naming an image file to specify a time (Say, 12:01, 12:02, etc) in order to achieve this?

Jupyter Notebook .ipynb support?

I am a data analyst. I primarily work and document using Jupyter Notebook. I am looking for a blogging platform where I can drag and drop a .ipynb file, and it renders into a blog post. Can it be done with blot?

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