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32 questions tagged ‘Metadata’

Custom meta in feed.rss?

I've added custom meta to feed.rss without an issue before, but my recent attempt isn't working quite right. {{#metadata}} <figure> <figcaption>Listen:</figcaption> <audio controls src="{{audio}}"></audio> <a href="{{audio}}">Download audio</a> </figure> {{/metadata}} Where {{audio}} = the MP3's URL. The audio player is showing in the feed even when posts do not have {{audio}} custom meta data. Any suggestions?

Unable to get custom metadata to show up

I've set custom metadata for one of my posts, as per this doc. In this case, it is for describing magic spells. The metadata is as follows: title: Magic Spell tags: spell date: 2023-01-16 isSpell: yes magicWord: booNow, I want to have this custom metadata show up, only for posts where the isSpell: metadata is set to yes. So I've modified my entry.html template as follows {{#entry}} {{#metadata.isSpell}} {{metadata.magicWord}} {{/metadata.isSpell}} {{{html}}} {{/entry}}But when I go to the corresponding post, I can't see the Magic Word. I've added ?debug=true to the URL and I can see the metadata in the JSON, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

Enabling search for certain pages?

Is there a way to enable search for certain pages? I am talking about "user-defined" pages, i. e. stuff in /Pages or with Page: yes, not something like the archives page. Posts work perfectly, but pages, no matter whether they are stored inside or outside of /Pages, do not work, even with Search: yes. Is this supposed to work somehow? Considering quite a few people use Blot for / as their "digital garden" / notes / information store, being able to search these pages would be very helpful.

Slug metadata not working

Is the Slug metadata field new? I know I've wanted it for a long time and only just now noticed it on the Metadata page. Either way, it is not working as advertised. When I tested it on an old post where I had used the Link field to customize its slug, it just dropped the rest of the Link Format I had defined. Instead of it loaded as So it basically functioned the same as the Link field.

Sorting the posts in a [tagged] folder?

I have a bunch of images from a trip to Bali in a folder tagged [Bali]. I tried adding a markdown file in the same folder (tagged "Bali" in the meta data) in order to add a headline and some textual information. It is actually rendered, however, only at the end of the page underneath the images. Is there a way to push the text from the markdown file to the top of the page? I tried changing the date to be more recent than the images, but images seem to automatically have render priority.

Is it possible for a post's URL to be different from the post's title?

For example, a post title (and file name) is foo. Can the post URL be

Use the first picture instead of the video as thumbnail?

If the post contains a video, the image from it is displayed as the cover of the post, regardless of the size of the other images. Please tell me how to choose the first picture in the post for the thumbnail. And also how do I mark the borders of the text, for display near the cover. I found a discussion on this topic but couldn't apply it to my template.

Timezone support in date metadata?

My posts used to have timezones ("EDT", "EST", etc.) in the timestamps, but now they're all UTC. How can I make Blot recognize timezone ("z") again? Thank you.

Can I organize nested tags then scheduled/published date with folder structure?

Like [Main Tag] [Sub Tag] 2023 > 09 > 20 > My Scheduled Blog Post with Folder ?

Featured Sticky Posts are paginated?

I love the ability to feature posts and make them sticky through custom metadata which I've added to my template e.g. Sticky: yes Rest of post here...However, one issue I've found is that pagination unsticks the posts. As soon as they have gone off of the front page, they are no longer sticky. Is there any way to change this? Thanks!

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