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40 questions tagged ‘Resolved’

Dropbox not syncing?

I've made a few file changes in Dropbox that the client is happily picking up but for some reason Blot doesn't appear to be syncing so my site isn't being updated. The status page doesn't show anything and neither does the dashboard. Anyone else seeing this?

"/random" stick to the same link

I wonder why does the "/random" link stick to the same page from time to time? Is it just my site or anybody else got the same issue? I can't seem to understand the pattern because many times the page refreshes on each click but at times it gets stuck with one page.

Updated Blog theme has layout errors

(re-writing this as my first attempt was rushed and unclear) Since I last used it, the Blog theme appears to have been amended. The structure and CSS is different to that on another of my older Blot sites. The changes appear to introduce some issue that are consistent across multiple browsers and machines - for example content in the right margin is now positioned off the page and pagination text is positioned top-left over the top of itself. I assume these are theme errors because they're visible on the theme demo site too and differ from the screenshots provided. Has anyone identified the issue (although the HTML structure has changed, it looks like the CSS may be the issue here?) and / or is there a way to get the old theme to use, since the theme is unusable as-is.

500 Internal Server Error

Is the server down now? New post uploading and template editing keep failing.

Fork unsupported templates?

I am just getting started with Blot and would like to fork an unsupported template. I've previously tinkered around with that but recently with the changes to the blot site, I'm finding myself unable to access the "Fork" button on that Unsupported Templates page. The only button available to me is the "Preview" button. Is anyone experiencing the same? Does anyone know of a workaround? I would like to preview and fork specifically the Essay Old and Essay Two templates.

Metadata on Google Docs

I was trying to add the date and tags metadata info on to the Google Doc. The metadata shows up as text on the actual post. Does Google Doc based publishing support metadata?

Broken link to developer documentation?

Hello, I'm trying to create a custom template, but some documentation seems to be missing:

Unable to add images and files via Git

Whenever I try to add files to the "Files" folder I get the following error (I'm using GitHub Desktop): "The remote disconnected. Check your Internet connection and try again." It handles all new text files just fine, but if I try to add a png, jpg, or zip it gets rejected and I get an error. How can I get to host my images? UPDATE: I'm also getting a "500 Internal Server Error" when I try to upload a small jpg via the dashboard here -

Error when I save my CSS on the template editor?

There seems to be an issue with modifying stylesheets. Every time I try to save changes to a css file (in any of my themes), I get this: 500 Internal Server Error Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks!

Change to the template system — blog reverted to old theme?

there seems to have taken place some change to the templating system? I've always edited my template in the web interface, but that isn't possible anymore apparently. Which is fine, but with this change, my blog reverted to an old version of my theme, before I'd made some crucial changes that, frankly, will be hard for me to reproduce. Is there any way for me to get the latest version of my theme back?

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