Blot is a blog­ging plat­form with no in­ter­face. It turns a folder into a blog. Files in­side your blog’s folder be­come blog posts au­to­mat­i­cally. Blot exists so you can blog with your fa­vorite tools. Use your fa­vorite text-ed­i­tor to write and Blot does the rest.

Why does Blot exist?

I like the flexibility and simplicity of plain text files. For years I’ve used text files to store my notes. One day it occured to me that there is enough information encoded in the files—their content, metadata and location—to generate a blog, without interfering with the structure of the folder or my writing process.

Why does Blot cost money?

The annual fee pays for the servers which host your blog. It also covers the cost of providing support. Most importantly, it encourages Blot to operate in your best interests, as opposed to those of an advertiser or investor.

Can I host Blot on my own server?

Yes, Blot’s source code is dedicated to the public domain.

What are the alternatives to Blot?

900dpi, Amb-1, asocialfolder, Boxfolio, Brace, Calepin, Cloud Cannon, Droppages, Dropplets, Duetto, Fargo, Harp, Kissr, Markbox, Pancake, Scriptogram, Site44, Sitebox, Skrivr, Small Victories, Synkee, Updog

Does Blot censor anything?

No, Blot does not censor anything that it can legally host.

Is Blot still maintained?

Yes, and there’s plenty to do. Take a look at what I’m working on.

How long has Blot been around?

I began work on Blot in the summer of 2013. Blot opened to the public a year later. Many thanks to Blot’s earliest customers for their help and their patience. In particular thank you Frank, Julie, Josh, Chris, Johannes and Angie.

How long do you plan to run Blot?

Decades, at least.