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Blot turns a folder into a website.

Why does Blot exist?

I like the simplicity and durability of plain text files. For years I’ve used text files to store my notes. One day I realized that those text files had enough information — in their contents and metadata — to generate a website, without interfering with my writing process. So I made Blot.

Why does Blot cost money?

So that Blot can operate in your interests rather than those of advertisers or investors. Your subscription pays for the servers which host your site. We do not and will not make money in any other way.

Can I host Blot on my own server?

Yes, Blot’s source code is dedicated to the public domain.

Alternatives to Blot

900dpi, Amb-1, asocialfolder, Boxfolio, Brace, Calepin, Cloud Cannon, Droppages, Dropplets, Duetto, Fargo, Harp, Kissr, Montaigne, Markbox, Pancake, Paperplane, Quotion, Scriptogram, Site44, Sitebox, Skrivr, Small Victories, Synkee, Updog

Multiple sites

You can manage multiple sites from the same account.

Bandwidth and storage limits

There is a soft limit of a terabyte of bandwidth + storage combined per year, per site. If you exceed this, we will ask you to meet the cost of hosting your site, or we will help you set up Blot on your own server. Note that your site is not affected by Google Drive or Dropbox’s traffic limits because Blot hosts the contents of your folder on its own server.

Language support

Blot is available in English.

Thank you

Many people deserve particular gratitude for their help: in particular, Paul, Rakhim, Julie, Josh, Nicolas, Anthony, Nash, Lisa, Jamie, Luke, Chris, Roy, Frank, Johannes, Frank, Jim, Jack, Shawn, Darren, Shibel, Max, Angie and Annaliese. Thank you.

How long has Blot been around?

The first line of code was written in the summer of 2013.

Is Blot still maintained?

Yes, and there’s plenty to do.

How long do you plan to work on Blot?

For the rest of my life.