How does Blot work?
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Blot creates a folder in your Dropbox and publishes files you put inside. These files become blog posts automatically:

Text and Markdown
Word Documents

Just drop the files into your blog’s folder and Blot does the rest.

Some sites hosted by Blot
Blot comes with seven templates. They’re designed to work on both small and large screens. Here’s the selection:
You can customize an existing template or design a template yourself if you know a little bit of HTML and CSS.
How much does Blot cost?
A blog costs $20 per year. Hosting and support is included. There are no ads.
Why does Blot cost money?
The fee pays for the servers which host your blog. It also covers the cost of providing support. Most importantly, it encourages Blot to operate in your best interests, as opposed to those of an advertiser or investor.
How long has Blot been around?
I began work on Blot in the summer of 2013 and opened it to the public a year later. Many thanks to Blot’s earliest customers for their help and their patience. In particular thank you Frank, Julie, Josh, Chris, Johannes and Angie.
How long do you plan to run Blot?
Decades, at least.
Is Blot still maintained?
Yes, and there’s plenty to do. Take a look at what I’m working on.
Does Blot censor anything?
No, Blot does not censor anything that it can legally host.
What are the alternatives to Blot?
Can I host Blot on my own server?
Yes, Blot’s source code is dedicated to the public domain and available to you.