Why a blogging platform with no interface? So you can blog with the tools you use already. Write with your favorite text-editor and Blot does the rest.

Blot turns a folder into a blog. Drag-and-drop files inside to publish them. Organize your files in a way that suits you. Use your existing tools to create and collaborate with others.

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Here’s a handful of the people who host their website on Blot:

Rebecca Kukshtel is an engineer based in New York City. Rebecca uses the Rosa template.

Rachel Pietraszek is a lawyer based in Toronto. Rachel uses the Photos template.

Andrew Janjigian is a photographer and editor at Cook’s Illustrated. Andrew uses the Rosa template.

Aurynn Shaw is a writer and engineer from New Zealand. Aurynn’s site uses a custom template.

John Beeler is the label director at Asthmatic Kitty Records. John uses the Default template.

Hanna Utkin is a filmmaker and producer from New York City. Hanna uses the Console template.

Matthew Battles directs metaLAB at Harvard. Matthew’s website uses the Rosa template.

John Pavlus is a writer and filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. John uses a custom template.

Jacoby Young works at Kapālama Elementary School in Hawaii. Jacoby uses a custom template.