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Who uses Blot?
Some of the people who use Blot to create their website
How to use Blot

Blot converts files you put inside a folder into posts on your website. You can connect your folder to Blot with:

All of these files become posts automatically when you place them in your blog’s folder:

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News Recent work and future plans
  1. Updated tag script a month ago
  2. Fixed make slug a month ago
  3. Upates build index a month ago
  4. Fixed bug with template editor a month ago
  5. Fixed bug with double dollar signs in posts a month ago

Blot is a blogging platform with no interface. It turns a folder into a website. Files in­side your blog’s folder be­come blog posts au­to­mat­i­cally. Blot exists so that you can blog with your fa­vorite tools. Use your fa­vorite text-ed­i­tor to write and Blot does the rest.

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Please email directly. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Your feedback on our service is always sincerely welcome.