A blogging platform with no interface

Why a blogging platform with no interface? So you can blog with your favorite tools. Blot turns a folder into a blog. Drag-and-drop files inside to publish. Images, text files, Word Documents, Markdown and more become blog posts automatically.

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 Your blog

Blot comes with seven templates. They make it easy to start a blog, portfolio or link blog. You can also develop your own template from scratch. Here’s some the people who use Blot to host their website:

Robert van Vliet is a writer in Minneapolis. Robert uses a custom template. James Adams is a sports therapist based in London. James uses a custom template. Kerim Friedman teaches anthropology in Taiwan. Kerim uses a custom template. Chris Campbell is a filmmaker based in Nova Scotia. Chris uses the Magazine template. Jan van Iperen analyzes the juice industry. Jan uses a custom template. Paul Esch-Laurent is a software engineer from Michigan. Paul uses a custom template. Craig White is a visual artist based in Harlem, New York. Craig uses a custom template. Shashwati Talukdar is an independent filmmaker. Shashwati uses a custom template. Andrew Bishop is an artist and writer living in San Francisco. Andrew uses the Index template. Rafa Garcés is a designer from Madrid. Rafa uses a custom template. Andrew Janjigian is a photographer at Cook’s Illustrated. Andrew uses the Rosa template. Shawn Medero is a software engineer based in Claremont. Shawn uses a custom template. Kiefer Sutherland is a freelance designer and art director. Kiefer uses a custom template. Rachel Pietraszek is a lawyer based in Toronto. Rachel uses the Default template. Ishtaarth Dalmia writes about internet culture from Bengaluru. Ishtaarth uses a custom template. Thomas White is a biologist at the University of Sydney. Thomas uses a custom template.