Privacy policy

Do not store sensitive information on Blot.

The contents of Blot's folder are public, hosted on Blot's servers and can be accessed by visitors to your blog.

Blot does not store your payment information. Blot uses Stripe to process subscription payments.

Blot does not and never will show ads. Blot does not and and never will share your usage data with third parties unless compelled by law.

Blot stores a Dropbox access token which can be used to read and write to Blot's folder in your Dropbox. You can revoke Blot's access at any point on Dropbox's settings page.

You can disable your Blot account at any point.

You can contact me to request the removal of all your account's data. It is not possible to remove your data from Blot's daily database backups, which are stored for 6 months.

Wherever possible, Blot uses SSL.

If you spot a security breach, please report it to me discreetly. If there is a security breach, I promise to disclose it on Twitter.