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Redirect not working

Trying to redirect from incoming pattern with a date to just the name of the post so that this: should be this: Trying with: from: /\d{4}/\d{2}/\d{2}/(.*) to: /$1 Tried escape version of the above as well and its not working. The title definitely matches so not sure what is going on and we have no logging to see what might be going wrong.

Thumbnails on social media?

I would like an image used in my blog post to appear when I share the post on Twitter, or Facebook.

How do I add Webmentions to my site?

The title says it all. I'm currently using Commento as an external service.

Adjust tag font size in magazine template

Wondering how to change the font size of the auto-generated tags in the magazine template. Want to make them smaller. Searched for it in the custom CSS but between "tags," "tag list," and "tagged" I didn't really have a clue what I was doing.

WebP images?

They seem to be working but wanted to confirm support for WebP images?

Wider text column in Magazine template?

What do i need to do to make the text column larger in the magazine template?

How do back links work?

Your back links feature works well (at least in Magazine template) so the geek in me is curious how it works, how does Blot know there are existing links to a post? Does it scan the site or some internal database when a new post is generated?

What have you made with Blot?

Anyone care to share the URLs to their Blot blogs here? I know David has a few listed in examples on the front page, but I'm sure there's many more. Would love to see others to follow (and gain inspiration!)... Here's mine: Along the Ray:

Could you describe how the package.json works?

Was just looking around this evening trying to figure out how the package.json works and not really sure i understand what is going on. for instance it seems to have "locals", "partials", and "url" available under "views". Is that it? Also it appears that you can set up stuff that will show up in the template editor via package.json. How does that work? Also, curious how partials work in the context of views (pages). I see in the latest templates you're always referencing them as {{>partialname}} but in some the older templates they are referenced either as partials or as variables. (was fooling with Marfa). Can it work either way as it seems it can and its just a convention thing? Sorry a lot of questions :) But I'd love a more in-depth idea of how everything fits together in that file.

How to hide 'digital garden' posts from front page?

Hi! Is it possible to hide 'digital garden' posts from my front page? I want to only show blog-style posts, but my 'evergreen' digital garden posts are also appearing on the front page. I want to be able to link to digital garden posts, but not show them on front page or in archive. Thanks!

Image in Margin on Magazine template?

I've seen several example sites where people put images in the margins next to their main body of text. Is this possible on the Magazine template? How would one go about adding a small thumbnail image next to a part of their markdown document? Example. Example; example

PDF Support

Hello, any idea when PDFs would be supported? It is really difficult to save web pages while keeping formatting, various content, etc. on iPad or iPhone (Share/Save to Dropbox). Many thanks!

For dates, is is possible to only display the month and year?

I'd like dates to appear just as month and year. Without the day. Is that possible? If so, where would I make the change? Using the Magazine template. Thank you!

Menu doesn't render inside entry context?

I'm still investigating this other question and as part of that I'm back and forth looking at what the template debug is giving me and what I'm trying to access. One thing that I'm seeing now though is that, when inside of #entry, I'm able to use #allEntries, even though that's declared outside the scope of entry. The docs mention searching for parent keys so I suspect that is why. However, when I try to do the same for #menu, nothing is rendered if I'm inside #entry, even though menu/allEntries exist at the same json level and are outside of entry. Is this a bug or intended behavior? I'd definitely like #menu to be used inside of an entry, especially given that I need entry metadata.

Thumbnails on index pages?

Is there a way to display the thumbnails on ~/page/1? I'm using a variation of of the Blog template, but I want my homepage to not be the list of blogposts, so instead I have a link to on the top bar. So it'd be cool if it displayed thumbnails there.

Ghost entries and broken links?

I'm getting a number of pages rendered on my site, the files for which were deleted from my folder (sync via Git), not only it causes the removed content to appear on my website and get indexed but it also creates a cascade of broken links as aa existing render as a-page-name-2. Looks like it's an ongoing trouble and I want to learn how to fix it Could have something to do with git, as I noticed that many times when I move a file from subfolder to subfolder my git client shows it as deleted and created anew. I also noticed that if I commit several linked files at once - the wiki-links between them (and the backlinks) are likely not to render correctly and I need to put a line break or edit something to refresh the pages and correct the links

Free comment service?

I would like to have comments under my blogs, but i am not quite ready to pay $5/mo or more for this feature. Is there any plan in supporting a free comment feature?

Specify the width of a markdown image?

I'd like to change the size of an image in one of my posts. Can I use the following syntax from Jekyll? ![Caption](/path/to/_image.jpeg){width="250"}

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