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Dropbox not syncing?

I've made a few file changes in Dropbox that the client is happily picking up but for some reason Blot doesn't appear to be syncing so my site isn't being updated. The status page doesn't show anything and neither does the dashboard. Anyone else seeing this?

How to display the day of publication?

I have a template that presents entries by month and in that {{month}} {{year}} metadata works. But for each blog entry I want to include the day the blog was published. So if it was publised on the 20/4/2024 then just 20 would be returned. {{day}} would seem the logical construct but it does not work. I also can't find in the documentation where it says {{month}} & {{year}} are up to be used - if I could find that list, hopefully it might shed more light on all this. Thanks as ever.

Specific Tag Views?

Is there a way to creat specific views that the blog engine will access when a visitor goes to a /tagged/keyword url? Example. I’d love to be able to make a tagged-photos.html view with specific markup and have the blog engine know to load this when someone goes to the /tagged/photos url. If a tag specific view does not exist, the default tagged.html would be used. I know I can make a view, filter it on a specific tag, and then bind that view to a specific short url /photos through the json file, but I’m wondering if there’s a more fluid/less clunky way.

Custom meta in feed.rss?

I've added custom meta to feed.rss without an issue before, but my recent attempt isn't working quite right. {{#metadata}} <figure> <figcaption>Listen:</figcaption> <audio controls src="{{audio}}"></audio> <a href="{{audio}}">Download audio</a> </figure> {{/metadata}} Where {{audio}} = the MP3's URL. The audio player is showing in the feed even when posts do not have {{audio}} custom meta data. Any suggestions?

Remove capital letters from article titles?

What to change in the template, in which file and which values, so that every word in the article titles does not start with a capital letter. I want either an exact reproduction of the letters as in the document, or that only the first letter should be capitalized, as in a normal sentence.

RSS feeds per tag?

Apologies if it's been asked but are there (or can there be?) dedicated RSS feeds per tag? It would be nice to have these split out to triage posts out to different services automatically.

Change the number of posts on the blog page?

Is it possible to adjust the number of posts to show on the blog posts page? For example, I want to show a link to "Older" posts less often.

What have you made with Blot?

Anyone care to share the URLs to their Blot blogs here? I know David has a few listed in examples on the front page, but I'm sure there's many more. Would love to see others to follow (and gain inspiration!)... Here's mine: Along the Ray:

Compatibility with Dropbox macOS File Provider changes?

I've been getting prompted for weeks/months to apply an update/upgrade on my macOS Dropbox install: Among other things, it changes the Dropbox location to ~/Library/CloudStorage which will surely break some local tooling I have and can probably be resolved by symlinking it back to ~/Dropbox. Are there any other concerns with applying this update other than the logical place all the files live?

Pages now showing up as Posts and in RSS feed?

I have a directory with in Pages with no tags set in the YAML for my newsletter. I've never had a newsletter show up in the RSS feed before, but today the latest one suddenly did. Are Pages supposed to show up in the RSS feed, or was this a bug? I can add a tag to prevent the behavior in the future, but wanted to know before adding something unnecessarily.

Date format not being respected

I've noticed that the date format I've set in 'Analytics, comments, typography > Date and time' is not being respected. I have it set to 'Day-Month-Year', but posts on my site are still presented with the date in 'Month Day, Year'. Can anyone give me an idea what I should be looking for in the source code that defines the date format? (I realise this will be somewhat template-dependent, and I've modified mine so much over the years that I honestly forget which it was originally forked from, Rosa maybe?)

Adding ai.txt to my site?

Where would one put an ai.txt file on their site? says to put it on the "root" of you website? Is that just the home folder of my site in dropbox? Thanks!

Filter posts out of RSS feed based on tag?

Is there a way to not include posts with a set tag in the RSS feed?

Adding a tag-based indictor after {{Previous}} and {{Next}}

I use the following on the archives page to put a unicode arrow after a linkpost: <div class="column left"> <a href="{{{url}}}">{{title}} {{#tagged.linkpost}} ⇾ {{/tagged.linkpost}} </a> </div> I tried to use the same method within the Next and Previous sections shown below, but it showed the unicode arrow next to every post. My guess is that it's getting the Next/Previous values at pageload, but may not have visiblity to the tags for those entries to be able to handle what I'm trying to accomplish in the Previous and Next area. Is it possible? <div class="column rightpostfooter"> {{#tags}} <a class="small tag" href="/tagged/{{slug}}">{{name}}  </a> {{/tags}}<br> {{#date}} <span class="small">{{date}}</span> {{/date}}<br> {{#next}} <a class="link" href="{{{url}}}"><span class="smalllink">{{title}}</span></a> {{/next}}<br> {{#previous}} <a class="link" href="{{{url}}}"><span class="smalllink">{{title}}</span></a> {{/previous}}<br> </div>

Email subscriptions?

I don't believe there's a built-in way for folks to subscribe to new blog posts via email. Is that something on the roadmap? Or does anyone know of a relatively easy third-party solution?

Does anyone have a good post to email workflow?

A couple of folk have asked me if I would send new posts to them via email. I'd love to do this, but don't have the energy for a big system setup or complicated workflow. Also clearly not worth a large amount of dollars, given the numbers and my focus. Has anyone done this in a simple fashion with blot?

Adding a folder contents view to my template?

I'd like to offer access to files, the folder view from the dashboard is fantastic - is there a way I can have a public facing page like this?

Updated Blog theme has layout errors

(re-writing this as my first attempt was rushed and unclear) Since I last used it, the Blog theme appears to have been amended. The structure and CSS is different to that on another of my older Blot sites. The changes appear to introduce some issue that are consistent across multiple browsers and machines - for example content in the right margin is now positioned off the page and pagination text is positioned top-left over the top of itself. I assume these are theme errors because they're visible on the theme demo site too and differ from the screenshots provided. Has anyone identified the issue (although the HTML structure has changed, it looks like the CSS may be the issue here?) and / or is there a way to get the old theme to use, since the theme is unusable as-is.

RSS feed title customization for specific tags?

I use the below code for putting a unicode arrow after a title on the archives page for linkposts. Is it possible to add a similar customization to the feed.rss template so that the title would get the arrow in RSS reader apps? I want folks consuming the RSS feed to know there's a linked post to go read beyond my comments. I also have a YAML value for linkpost, if that somehow works better for this use case than the tag value. {{#allEntries}} <div class="row"> <div class="column left"> <a href="{{{url}}}">{{title}} {{#tagged.linkpost}} &#x21FE; {{/tagged.linkpost}} </a> </div> <div class="column right"> <span class="smalldate">{{date}}</span> </div> </div> {{/allEntries}}

I cannot access the Bulk Edit Redirects page

Hello. I have been unable to access the Bulk Edit for redirects recently on my dashboard. The page flickers when I click, but doesn't actually load the bulk edit window as it used to. Is there a problem with it? Thanks

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