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15 questions tagged ‘Images’

Images not showing?

Everything was working fine with my site but from last txt files, is not showing the images correctly, is showing the titles and date instead, and I don't understand why. This is the site:

Org-Mode image syntax?

How would I use an image in an org-mode file. Traditionally, I'd do something like [[file:clock.png][clock]] but it seems like that's not working.

Specify the width of a markdown image?

I'd like to change the size of an image in one of my posts. Can I use the following syntax from Jekyll? ![Caption](/path/to/_image.jpeg){width="250"}

Make an image into a link with Markdown?

Has anyone managed to place a link around an image via markdown? Normally, according to markdown rules, this would look something like this: ![Collection of my cat pictures](/path/to/catfolder/cat1.png)(/tagged/cats) But for some reason, in my case, the URL part is not recognized but somehow becomes a text which then sits underneath the image.

Selectively turn off image zoom?

I love the smooth, build-in image zoom (Blog Template), but I have a situation (image in a teaser section on the start page) where I would like to selectively turn it off, because it is preventing the image from being clickable. Is this possible somehow?

Markdown for link to an image in a tagged [folder]?

When I want to link manually to an image in a tagged [folder] like so ![This is the linktext]([folder]/image_01.jpg)(tagged/folder) HTML doesn't work properly anymory, most likely due to the additional brackets around the folder name. Is there a way in markdown to "escape" the brackets in the image URL?

Adding image slides to posts?

Is it possible to have slides of images in a post? I use magazine template

Linking images from Social Media?

How can I link images from social media, say, Instagram for example without the caption or borderline showing in a post.

Lazy loading on images?

Wondering if anyone has figured out a way to introduce lazy loading for images? I know we can add loading="lazy" in the HTML, but I'd like a way to do it in Markdown, so I don't have to write out all the HTML for every image. When my site was based on Jekyll, I could use Kramdown and add {: loading="lazy"} after the image to add the required flag. But nothing like that exists AFAIK with Blot. Do any of you have any ideas please? I'd like to avoid introducing JS if at all possible. Thanks!

Animated GIFs support?

Does Blot support .gif(s) inside the posts? The ones that I added doesn't seem to show correctly.

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