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15 questions tagged ‘Markdown’

Specify the width of a markdown image?

I'd like to change the size of an image in one of my posts. Can I use the following syntax from Jekyll? ![Caption](/path/to/_image.jpeg){width="250"}

Make an image into a link with Markdown?

Has anyone managed to place a link around an image via markdown? Normally, according to markdown rules, this would look something like this: ![Collection of my cat pictures](/path/to/catfolder/cat1.png)(/tagged/cats) But for some reason, in my case, the URL part is not recognized but somehow becomes a text which then sits underneath the image.

Markdown for link to an image in a tagged [folder]?

When I want to link manually to an image in a tagged [folder] like so ![This is the linktext]([folder]/image_01.jpg)(tagged/folder) HTML doesn't work properly anymory, most likely due to the additional brackets around the folder name. Is there a way in markdown to "escape" the brackets in the image URL?

How do I add an anchor tag?

I tried to search for that, but the search on the questions page is not working.

Referencing a link to the current page while writing it?

Is there a way to reference the current page's URL while writing the post? I'd like to be able to create visible anchor links while I'm writing, but don't know of an easy way to include the post's URL. I know that you can put {#anchor-link-name} on a line to create an anchor link so that will bring you to that line. I also know that if I use just a leading slash, it will append the slug to my base domain. i.e. [linked text](/some-slug] will automatically point to But how do include the path part before the post is published? Here's my idea: two leading slashes to indicate it should include the page's full URL and then append whatever is referenced to the end of that. That way, when writing, I could just put this text [🔗](//#anchor-link-name) {#anchor-link-name} next to a heading, and I'd get a visible bit of hypertext (the emoji) that links to a particular part of the very page its on. The full thing: ## A super cool heading [🔗](//#super-cool-heading) {#super-cool-heading} Or is there an existing way to accomplish the same thing?

How to prevent from hyperlinking?

Lots of times I write about org-mode and want to mention .org filenames, but if I write in a Markdown post, that filename will turn into a hyperlink, which I want to prevent. I found someone on Stack Overflow asking a similar question, and the workaround is to use a non-breaking zero-width space, like in the attached image, where I wrapped it in a code tag to get it monospaced. It does work with Blot, but is that the best way? Thanks! (Oops. I forgot to attach an image and now I don’t think I can.)

Posting MP4 files

Is there any way to embed an MP4? When I do this it just shows a static image that does not play?

Prevent merging lines in quotes?

I was wondering how I can stop quotes from merging onto one line. For example in markdown I have > one line > a separate line But it renders on blot as > one one a separate line Is there a simple way to prevent/override this?

:Emojis: — emoji delimiter. Not being parsed, why?

Hello Blotters It appears that the Markdown parser on is not parsing emoji delimiters, even though I believe they are supported by the Markdown syntax. Emoji delimiters are represented by colons and are used to insert emojis into a document. For example, :smile: should render a smiling emoji. I am wondering if you're using the correct emoji delimiter. Do I need to install a library in my HTML to fix this issue? I am not sure how to proceed and would appreciate some guidance in resolving this little challenge. Many thanks!

Making an image into a link?

Is it possible to make an image into a clickable link in blot?

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