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17 questions tagged ‘Tags’

RSS feed title customization for specific tags?

I use the below code for putting a unicode arrow after a title on the archives page for linkposts. Is it possible to add a similar customization to the feed.rss template so that the title would get the arrow in RSS reader apps? I want folks consuming the RSS feed to know there's a linked post to go read beyond my comments. I also have a YAML value for linkpost, if that somehow works better for this use case than the tag value. {{#allEntries}} <div class="row"> <div class="column left"> <a href="{{{url}}}">{{title}} {{#tagged.linkpost}} &#x21FE; {{/tagged.linkpost}} </a> </div> <div class="column right"> <span class="smalldate">{{date}}</span> </div> </div> {{/allEntries}}

Sorting the posts in a [tagged] folder?

I have a bunch of images from a trip to Bali in a folder tagged [Bali]. I tried adding a markdown file in the same folder (tagged "Bali" in the meta data) in order to add a headline and some textual information. It is actually rendered, however, only at the end of the page underneath the images. Is there a way to push the text from the markdown file to the top of the page? I tried changing the date to be more recent than the images, but images seem to automatically have render priority.

Adding an attribute to title on Archives page based on a tag?

On my main entries page, if a post is a link post I've updated the CSS to show a unicode arrow symbol after the title so people will know the title will take them to another location. I'm trying to achieve the same behavior on the archives page. This could be driven based on a tag value of 'linkpost'. Is this possible? Example of how it looks on main page (would like the same symbol to appear after the post title on archives based on a tag value being present):

Can I organize nested tags then scheduled/published date with folder structure?

Like [Main Tag] [Sub Tag] 2023 > 09 > 20 > My Scheduled Blog Post with Folder ?

RSS feeds per tag

Apologies if it's been asked but are there (or can there be?) dedicated RSS feeds per tag? It would be nice to have these split out to triage posts out to different services automatically.

Is there a way to get first few posts with a certain tag?

I would like to customize my template so the home page has a couple sections that show the first 3 posts of a couple different tags. So far I have {{#all_entries}} {{#tagged.SomeTag}} {{title}} {{#tagged.SomeTag}} {{/all_entries}} But I'm not sure if I'm able to limit all_entries or access certain elements of the array with Mustache. Also, is there a way to combine inverted sections? Like if I want to filter out multiple tags from all_entries?

Hide a post from the front page but show it in the archives?

I'm using the blog template. I have certain posts (RPG session summaries!) that I don't want showing on the front page, but I don't mind showing up in the archives list. Right now, these posts have the metadata: Page: yes Menu: no …as I saw mentioned in this question. However, when I do this, the posts are not listed on the archives page, and when viewing them from a tag page, no dates are shown. Essentially, I think what I'd want is a way to publish a post normally, but simply not have it show on the front page. Is this possible?

Tags with accents disappearing

It's been two months since I noticed that some of my tags kept disappearing from my tags list. I found that I could make them come back by just changing the folder name (I use folders with brackets to create my tags). At first I thought the tags that were disappearing were random, but recently I concluded that they were always the same and what they have in common is that they are all graphic accentuated words (words with graphic marks such as á ó ê): [Diários de viagem], [Memórias em fotos] and [Séries]. I'm from Brazil so I always use a lot of graphic marks in words since I write in Portuguese. Has anyone experienced something like this and know how I can solve this problem?

Should tags with non-ascii chars work?

If I have tags that contain chars like å,ä,ö should they work, i.e. if I click on the tags should I see a list with posts? The reason I ask is that when I click on an "ascii tag", I get a list of posts with this tag. But if I click on a tag like "väder" then no entries are listed - not even the post with the tag I clicked on. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Only show tags with a minimum number of posts?

Is there a way to show a list of tags only if there's a minimum number of posts (say three) tagged as such? I'm looking to do this to show a list of tags without cluttering it up too much and only showing those with a minimum number of tagged posts. Thanks. Ray

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