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questions tagged ‘Sync’

Compatibility with Dropbox macOS File Provider changes?

I've been getting prompted for weeks/months to apply an update/upgrade on my macOS Dropbox install: Among other things, it changes the Dropbox location to ~/Library/CloudStorage which will surely break some local tooling I have and can probably be resolved by symlinking it back to ~/Dropbox. Are there any other concerns with applying this update other than the logical place all the files live?

Dropbox not syncing?

I've made a few file changes in Dropbox that the client is happily picking up but for some reason Blot doesn't appear to be syncing so my site isn't being updated. The status page doesn't show anything and neither does the dashboard. Anyone else seeing this?

Change to directory name in Dropbox > Apps behind the scenes?

Is anyone else seeing that the directory in Dropbox > Apps is no longer named Blot, but is now named with the site name? I don't know when this changed, but could cause some issues for hard-coded scripts if folks have any of those. My dashboard still shows the following, but this could just be a bad artifact from the change. I don't mind it, personally, but thought I'd ask and surface the change here in case it caused any breakage for users: Dropbox > Apps > Blot

Sync support from Evernote?

Will you ever add sync support from

What new methods of syncing a folder would you like?

At the moment, Blot supports three ways to sync a folder: Dropbox, Google Drive and Git. We're currently working on adding others – which tools or services would you like us to support?

The "fix your folder" link isn't working and the syncing is not happening

Any idea to why that is happening? I've been away from my blot recently, but started using again and am noticing that 1) the reset button doesn't work, 2) the sync is not happening (or seems stuck) and 3) i'm not allowed to choose the folder on google drive anymore?

Does anybody know of a good way to syncronise an iCloud folder with a Dropbox folder?

Blot connects (so far) only to Dropbox as data source. Some writing tools I work with only connect to iCloud. If I want to continue working with both, I would need a sync solution between an iCloud folder and a Dropbox folder. Does anybody know of some online services doing this?

"Failed to acquire folder lock"

I've been getting this error when I try to sync Dropbox, change to a different client, or reset my folder, but this message in orange prevents from doing anything. Is there a fix?

Any plans for an iCloud Drive client?

I know a Google Drive sync tool is in the works, but I was wondering if it would be feasible on iCloud and if there are any plans to develop this alternative to Dropbox.