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Does anybody know of a good way to syncronise an iCloud folder with a Dropbox folder?

Blot connects (so far) only to Dropbox as data source. Some writing tools I work with only connect to iCloud. If I want to continue working with both, I would need a sync solution between an iCloud folder and a Dropbox folder. Does anybody know of some online services doing this?

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We're working on adding support for iCloud and the new client should be released in the next month or so.

In the meantime, Blot also supports Google Drive and Git as methods to sync your folder.

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What devices are you using where the app only connects to iCloud?

In iOS and iPadOS, if you install the Dropbox client you can add Dropbox as a location in Files. Then apps can access Dropbox via that location.

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Well, this does not answer my question, but the outlook that iCloud support is only roughly a month away might make the question irrelevant...

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As far as I know there is no robust way to sync between iCloud and Dropbox

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Just an FYI - I use iCloud for the same reason (Obsidian support), and I use Sync Folders pro to keep the iCloud folders sync'd with folders on the Mac's local drive. From there, I use Blot's git connection. I haven't experienced any problems with this set up. I am looking forward to the native iCloud support, although I worry about iOS strict sandboxing.

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