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12 questions tagged ‘Google drive’

Where is Blot's folder in my google drive?

Blot has access and set up the first empty folder, but I can't find it in my google drive.

Markdown in Google Doc?

Just started with blot and planned to use google docs as my editor. I guess markdown doesn't work within Google Documents, altough GD understands some md out of the box (e.g. # headline) I played around and couldn't get most of the formatting and features to work. I would really like to stay in gd (even with only md for formatting) for convenience and not need any additional txt editor. Anything I am missing, any settings in blot or docs? Working well: formating based on headlines and line breaks Working semi: links get routed through Google Search (see below); current date based on the doc (but no editing for a future/past pub date possible) Not working: any other formatting (tested: bold, italic, color); tags

Images not showing in published posts created in Google Docs?

I am using the Magazine template and writing my posts in Google Docs. However, I cannot get any images to show in published posts, irrespective of whether I embed them in the doc itself or use Markdown (which I suspect isn't fully supported by Google Docs). I could write my posts in Notepad for Windows but again, I suspect that when uploaded to Google Docs it will mess things up. Any advice on how I can get images to display without giving up the convenience of Google Docs? Regards, Roger.

Google Drive Formatting

Using a hashtag for title, or using "Tag: " for tags doesn't register when I source my files from Google Drive. What formatting style should we use for Google Drive?

How do I get text on my homepage?

Not sure if it's an error on my google drive sync or if I'm just going about this wrong. I've been able to navigate through pages, blot doesn't support videos does it?

Does Blot support Google Docs?

I've set up my blog with my URL and connected to Google Drive. My dashboard shows the test posts I've made and I can view them when i click directly on the dashboard links (however, metadata is displayed in plain text) The front page shows the blog template, but the test posts do not populate to the blog - it's just blank.

Google Drive sync setup

Hi there, blot was able to automatically create a root folder for my blog but no other contents were added. I created a folder for Posts and upload a markdown file to test. Still, nothing is showing up in prod nor is the .md file getting recognized in blot's > sync view. Please advise, thanks!

The "fix your folder" link isn't working and the syncing is not happening

Any idea to why that is happening? I've been away from my blot recently, but started using again and am noticing that 1) the reset button doesn't work, 2) the sync is not happening (or seems stuck) and 3) i'm not allowed to choose the folder on google drive anymore?

Too Many Redirects

Hey friends, I'm attempting to transfer my site from Dropbox to Google Drive — Each time I make it through the Google authentication and receive an email from Google confirming that the sign-in was successful, but instead of being redirected to Blot, I get a 'Too many HTTP redirects' error page. I have tried clearing my cache and have tried using multiple browsers. This appears to be an issue on the Blot end. Blot now thinks I am connected to Google Drive, but none of my files have been transferred across, and all file links on my website are broken. Any suggestions? :)

Why can't I connect to Dropbox or Google Drive?

I just signed up and I cannot get Dropbox or Google Drive to connect. It gives me an error on both as soon as I try to connect.

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