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Enabling search for certain pages?

Is there a way to enable search for certain pages? I am talking about "user-defined" pages, i. e. stuff in /Pages or with Page: yes, not something like the archives page.

Posts work perfectly, but pages, no matter whether they are stored inside or outside of /Pages, do not work, even with Search: yes.

Is this supposed to work somehow? Considering quite a few people use Blot for / as their "digital garden" / notes / information store, being able to search these pages would be very helpful.

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After re-reading the documentation, it seems like enabling / disabling search is only possible for posts (at least the Search: metadata documentation explicitely mentions posts).

Is there a reason why pages can not be searched, even if Search: yes is set? It seems somewhat counterintuitive to me, especially since the whole codebase for parsing, indexing etc. is already in place and Search: could simply default to no for pages. Also, like mentioned above, pages are often "abused" for stuff which should be searchable.

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Good catch! I will ensure that if you opt-in to search for a specific page via metadata, that page is always indexed by your site's search engine

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