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Wikilinks bug?

Hi. Are wikilinks working as expected? I have the title of a post enclosed in double square brackets, in a page. But the link is broken. It inserts spaces instead of hyphens between the words and doesn't respect my link format.

Example: I want a link on this page to link to this post. But it doesn't.


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Wikilinks don't quite work as expected – the algorithm they use to look up the linked post or page is too strict right now. There's more detail about how the feature resolves paths right now in the documentation:

How about Wikilinks resolved?

I believe in your case, the following Wikilink will work:

[[../posts/2023/20230226 about this website]]

I recognise this isn't true to the spirit of Wikipedia Wikilinks – the feature is a work in progress. For context: the first release was designed to support Obsidian-style wikilinks

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Right. Thanks that makes sense :)

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I will follow up here once the algorithm has a more expansive set of rules to look up linked posts

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I have now expanded the lookup algorithm for Wikilinks: they now work by title and by URL.

You can trigger a rebuild of your links if you turn 'Convert Wikilinks into links' off and then on again, on the settings page of your dashboard.

There's more information on the updated page of the documentation about Wikilinks

Please let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else

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