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You can use wikilinks to create internal links between your posts. You can enable or disable wikilinks on the services page of your dashboard under Typography. 
This is a wikilink to a file called *Other* in the same directory: 

[[Other post]]

The wikilink above is equivalent to this Markdown:

[Other post](/other-post)


You don’t need to know the URL of the linked post to create a wikilink, just the filename. Also, some note-taking applications, like Obsidian, create and update wikilinks automatically.

At the moment, Blot looks up the linked post in the following order:

  1. By file path When looking by file path, Blot first checks the contents of the wikilink as if it were a relative path, then an absolute path, and finally searches the directory containing your post by filename.
  2. By URL Works for posts and pages, is case-insensitive.
  3. By title Works for posts and pages, is case-insensitive.


Consider the following folder structure

 Your site

These are all valid Wikilinks for the files in the folder above:

By default, the linked post's title will become the link's text. You can specify your own text using the following syntax:

[[Post.txt|Your link text here]]

Tip for Obsidian

For those who use Obsidian to manage their notes, I recommend setting the New link format to relative path to file. Blot will work with the New link format set to absolute path in vault as long as your Obsidian Vault is not inside a subdirectory of your site folder on Blot.

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