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What new templates would you like?

Blot currently has five templates – each has a specific purpose for a sort of website.

Are there other use-cases you'd like to see? Other types of website you could make with Blot, that don't currently exist as a template?

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A “notes” template like Obsidian Publish… or some other implementation of a digital garden.

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Something like a splash page and/or company website, with screen-wide headings, tiny paragraphs blocs.

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+1 the previous posts

I'd love to see how events could work - I'm wondering how I could use Blot for wedding or other events

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A navigation menu with dropdowns would be great!

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A. Blog template is already a good enough Digital Garden (if you know how to 'trim' it), but a better implementation and perhaps Andy Matuschak's stacking tabs would be nice

B. Update templating language so we could play with meta-data: listing (filtering) notes with combination of front-matter tags

C. Minimal album template like Hugo Gallery Deluxe

D. (not a template) - submission feature to enable collaborate blogging and publications (like submit.as)

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I love the thecreativeindependent.com. Maybe something a little more playful like this?

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Blot.im website template is cool👌 I hope it will be available soon. Also, I feel like a minimalistic template that has a nav dropdown menu will be awesome! I also like how http://www.un-fancy.com/ and notion.so

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