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Redirect not working?

I recently set up a redirect of a tagged page to a gallery page but it doesn't seem to be working:

From: /tagged/photos to: /gallery

Clicking the photos tag below the post still sends me to the tagged page rather than the photo gallery I set up.

How can I tweak this further to make it work? Thanks!

2 replies Asked May 15 '22 at 2:36 · Improve this question

Hello! At the moment, redirects only work for broken links so it's not possible to set up the above redirect right now given what you have on your site.

If you were really determined to get this working right now you could add some custom JS to your template's tagged.html view which handled the redirect at the JS level, but that would be hacky.

Would you like me to contact you if/when it's possible to create redirects that are evaluated for non-broken links?

Answered May 19 '22 at 18:22 · Improve this answer

Sure, please do let me know if/when this is available. Thank you!


Answered May 23 '22 at 20:22 · Improve this answer

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