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128 questions tagged ‘Developers’

Changing the URL of the archives page?

I was attempting to rename Archive to Index (which I did), but then started toying with the page name and realized that would break what was defined in packages.json. Now setting the value back to /archives in the dashboard for that link still results in a 404 error. Did I break it? ;) Tangible Life

How to add the last modified date to my sitemap?

I'd like to include the lastmod field in my sitemap – how should I go about adding this?

Custom path for posts overview?

Hi, I'm looking to move the overview of posts to a subpath (/photos) and have a custom page act as the landing page. I'm using a (minimal) fork of the portfolio theme, but I'm happy to change if that's necessary. I can't find any rewrite rules or anything of the sort, and while I can create a custom page to hide the native index (posts overview) page, I don't know how to then resurface it in under a custom path. Thanks!

Translate the months on my template?

Maybe there is a way to name the months personally, by manually entering new names for each month. Or immediately change the language in which the names of the months are displayed in the posts, without changing the format. If possible, I am interested in both options. I understand that it should be done in script.js, but I don't know what to add and on which line. Tell me please.

Hide Cusdis comments

Hi! I've setup Cusdis comments on my blog by adding their widget in my entry.html file. I have a standalone page that acts as a landing page for a newsletter of this blog and I'd like the comments to be hidden on this page. I've tried declaring "Comments: no" in that page's metadata, but it didn't work. Is there a way to have Cusdis be understood by the markdown metadata?

Restricted/Dynamic content through the template?

Not a developer, programmer or anything, but I thought something may be possible if I'm not misunderstanding how Blot works or missing anything... Since everything is public as rendered from the template on the server, could it be possible to use a system of conditional templates or template-based functions based on metadata of the file to restrict access to a page or show context-depending data (like user information)? I mean, coding a script with a call to some authorization service or similar API in a template, a script that would be conditionally used either as part of a page included in another template or doing something like having a template for a whole page to show only private content, that would be used depending on the presence of some metadata or not used if such metadata is not present? For example, using a whole-page template or part of a template for conditional/private information to be shown as part of the rendered page if an "access" metadata field is not false or has a certain value. Would it be possible? Would whatever is rendering the template receive data from an API and could it be done in a secure way (like with an HTTP-only cookie restricted to the same domain if hosting the API on a subdomain), without anything being exposed in any way? Or is it impossible or insecure?

Tables on the Magazine template?

Please add table support to the Magazine template, it doesn't display vertical lines. Or tell me what needs to be transferred from the Blog template, because they work there.

Adding a folder contents view to my template?

I'd like to offer access to files, the folder view from the dashboard is fantastic - is there a way I can have a public facing page like this?

Adding image slides to posts?

Is it possible to have slides of images in a post? I use magazine template

Page link as animated button?

Hi! I'd like to create a page for my blog, where the button to open the page includes javascript code to make it flash red and yellow. I have the code, only I don't know how to use it to individually effect the appearance of one of the page-buttons … is there a way to achieve this through the metadata?

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