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Cloning entries.html?

Is it possible to clone entries.html by creating a new file in the template, naming it 'blurbs.html' and copy/pasting the code from entries.html?

I would also change what appears in the entries vs blurbs pages based on tags. I'm just not clear if this behavior is supported.

I have seem other posts doing a similar thing with tagged pages, but the format hoping to achieve for blurbs is just like entries.html where those posts only show up when you visit the /blurb URL.

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It's not possible to use the paginated list of entries on any other view than entries.html right now. I need to extend the template engine to support this.

Could you modify the layout of the 'tagged post' page i.e. /tagged/blurb instead? I'm not quite sure what the result you're trying to achieve is but I'd be happy to help

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Thanks for the quick response, David.

I'll email you my use case. It is really straighforward and hopefully you can guide me on how the tagged page can accomplish it.

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