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questions tagged ‘Magazine’

Tables on the Magazine template?

Please add table support to the Magazine template, it doesn't display vertical lines. Or tell me what needs to be transferred from the Blog template, because they work there.

Adding a footer to the magazine template?

I've modified the Magazine template to add a footer. When I click on a category, and click on all section on the top right, and scroll down, the part where I've footer copyright policy etc, isn't aligned like the rest of the pages. How do I fix that?

Removing images from recent & tagged pages

I'm trying to remove the feature images from both the recent list and tagged pages when using the magazine theme but can't seem to figure this one out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Images in Magazine template entry listings?

How does the magazine template determine when/which image to show in an entry's listing? Many of my posts have images, but only some appear to the right of the listing on the main page, and I can't figure out what factor determines when an image is pulled there.

How does the magazine template determine the tags to display in the left-hand menu?

I'm using the default magazine template, and am wondering how it choses which tags to show in the left-hand menu. It seems like it's limited to 5 – is it the first 5 that are used in posts, or the top 5 most frequently used? I'm wondering how to change them. Thanks! :)

Full entry on home page of Magazine template?

This might be quite basic but I can’t work it out. Please can you advise me how I can show the full entry of blog posts on the home page using the Magazine template, instead of the summaries? Ideally the pagination would still work the same using the 'posts per page' setting – I just want to display the full entries for the posts. I know I could use the blog template for this but I prefer the layout of the Magazine template apart from this one thing.

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