Images in Magazine template entry listings?

How does the magazine template determine when/which image to show in an entry's listing? Many of my posts have images, but only some appear to the right of the listing on the main page, and I can't figure out what factor determines when an image is pulled there.

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The Magazine template uses the thumbnail for each post. The thumbnail is generated by Blot when it converts a file in your folder into a post on your site.

Blot creates a thumbnail from the first image in the post whose file extension is either ".png", ".jpeg", ".jpg", ".svg", or ".gif", and which has a width larger than 64 pixels wide, and a height larger than 64 pixels (see the source).

If you have some posts containing images which meet these criteria, but you don't see a thumbnail on your site – you have likely run into a bug with our thumbnail generator – would you be willing to send us a link to your site? We'd be happy to look at the specifics

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Yes, thank you!

My URL is

  • Chris
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You should be able to re-generate your thumbnails on the dashboard – once you do that, do the thumbnails appear as expected?

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