Full entry on home page of Magazine template?

This might be quite basic but I can’t work it out. Please can you advise me how I can show the full entry of blog posts on the home page using the Magazine template, instead of the summaries? Ideally the pagination would still work the same using the 'posts per page' setting – I just want to display the full entries for the posts.

I know I could use the blog template for this but I prefer the layout of the Magazine template apart from this one thing.

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You'll want to replace the template tag {{summary}} with {{{body}}} in the source code which renders the index page (entries.html). The magazine template is a little more complex than the others, you'll need to edit the partial sub-templates {{> featured}}, stored in _featured.html and {{> entry_line}}, stored in entry_line.html.

The specific lines are these:

Does that help? Please let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else

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