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128 questions tagged ‘Developers’

Is it possible to add a robots.txt?

Hi, is there a way to add our own robots.txt to disallow crawling, without it being turned into a post of its own? Also, if there is, how can I make User-agent: * Disallow: / not be read as metadata

Permalink on entry title instead of date

Is there a fairly straightforward way to set the permalink to the entry title rather than the date that is displayed for that entry from the entries list?

How do I display a teaser from the content of a post?

I have searched the documentation and the questions here, but I have not found an answer to the question. If I have a post, and I want to display an excerpt (teaser) for it on the list of posts (using the Diary template), how do I accomplish this without having to duplicate post content in the metadata section? I have tried a variety of combinations of the {{{teaser}}} and {{more}} special tags in my post content but nothing seems to work. I simply want to know how I can flag the first paragraph of the post as a teaser. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Add a Table of Contents to each post?

I would like to add a TOC (table of contents) to each post on my blog. What is the best way to accomplish this?

How do I add Webmentions to my site?

The title says it all. I'm currently using Commento as an external service.

Exclude posts with specific tags?

Would it be possible to show all entries excluding posts with a specific tag?

How to edit my site's style sheet?

Is there a way to change or manipulate stylesheets for minor changes that can affect the entire site? For example, just want to change the behavior of hyperlinks without manually recreating the existing pages.

Thumbnails on social media?

I would like an image used in my blog post to appear when I share the post on Twitter, or Facebook.

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