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questions tagged ‘Citations’

How to make a citation appear as (Author YYYY)?

At the moment a citation of the form [@reference] renders as Author (YYYY) but i would prefer to have it as (Author YYYY). Is there a way to do this?

Linking a citation to the bibliography

How difficult would it be to have this feature? When I enter [@citation] in my post, the resultant text is a link within the page that sends you down to the bibliography.

Moving and styling citations?

I am madly in love with the bibliography function. It actually was, what made me move to Blot – seriously, you made this scientist very, very happy, good bye self-hosted Jekyll. I would love to, however, move the generated bibliography within the page. My citations can get somewhat ... excessive. So I'd like to move them, within the "Blog" template, after Date, Tags, and Backlinks, and style them the same way those are. For that, I'd need somehow access to the generated HTML. Is that possible?