How to use Blot

Blot is a blogging platform with no interface. It creates a special folder in your Dropbox and automatically publishes files you put inside. You can organize your blog’s folder however you like.

Blog posts

All of these files become blog posts automatically when you put them somewhere inside your blog’s folder:

 Text and Markdown.txt  .md
 Word Documents.docx  .odt
 Bookmarks.webloc  .url
 Images.png  .jpeg  .gif
 HTML.html   .htm

Blot ignores files and folders whose name starts with an underscore. Ignored files are public but don’t become blog posts.

 Your blogNameDraftsPagesPostsBookmark.weblocDocument.docxImage.jpgMarkdown.mdText.txtWebpage.html   

Formatting your blog posts

Blot supports a variety of standard tools to add formatting to your blog posts. You can use Markdown to add links, headings, lists and much more. Blot also renders mathematics set in TEX\TeX and provides syntax highlighting for code snippets.

# Formatting

You can use *Markdown*, a lightweight markup language for plain text files.

Use it for links, headings, lists and much more.


Files in a folder called ‘Drafts’ are not published. Instead, Blot creates a preview file which updates as you make edits.


Files in a folder called ‘Pages’ become pages instead of blog posts. They are added to your blog’s menu.

 Your blogNameDraftsAnecdote.txtAnecdote.txt.htmlUnpublished.txtUnpublished.txt.htmlPagesAbout.txtContact.txtHome.txtPosts   


Each blog post’s permalink and date is generated automatically from the file’s contents and location. You can override this metadata at the start of a file.

Date: January 18th, 2019
Permalink: /metadata

Metadata must start on the file’s first line and must be separated from the rest of the post by at least one blank line. You must leave a space after the colon.

Public files

Every file in your blog’s folder is public. Use this feature to distribute files to your readers and embed media in blog posts.

 Your blogName_AssetsArchive.zipIndex.htmlPhoto.jpgPosts 
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