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I wrote a Markdown extension which provides tags that define basic layout. Your blog's template ultimately defines the layout. Most templates include layout.css which provides these features.

{<<} This line sits in the left margin of the page
    You can including multiple lines inside the same layout tag by indenting them.

This line sits in the default position.


The tag…should make its contents…by applying this CSS class…
{<<}extend into the left marginwide left
{>>}extend into the right marginwide right
{<>}extend into both marginswide
{>}float right inside the pageright inside
{<}float left inside the pageleft inside
{|<}hang in the right marginright margin
{>|}hang in the left marginleft margin
{||}sit inside a 1/2 width columntwo column
{|||}sit inside a 1/3 width columnthree column
{||||}sit inside a 1/4 width columnfour column