Developer guide

Blot’s template engine aims to be familiar to those who have developed templates for other platforms. You will need a working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

If you’d like to hire a developer or designer to work on a template for you, contact me.

Getting started

You can fork an existing template on the your blog’s dashboard. You can make changes to a template using the online editor, or you can edit the template’s source files locally from your blog’s folder.

All of Blot’s templates are dedicated to the public domain so you can modify and share them freely.

How it works

The template system sits on top of a plain, old-fashioned static file server. In fact, if you disable your blog’s template, Blot serves the contents of your blog’s folder as-is.

Read more about How it works.

Rendering templates

Blot’s templates will be familiar to those who have worked with other blogging platforms. They are written in Mustache and consist of tags which look like {{this}}. These tags are replaced with the data generated by Blot when the template is rendered.

Read about rendering templates.