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Emoji in title causes incorrect capitalization

Here's a weird one. I use the link (🔗) emoji in the title of my linked blog posts. But that has caused the first letter in the title of this post to be lowercase instead of uppercase. (It also has the permalink problem noted here.)

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Do you have “Use Title Case for All Post Headings” enabled?

It's possible it's not capitalising “a” because it's not at the start of a sentence: To Kill a Mockingbird

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Good catch! Disabling that setting fixed it in the post itself, but it's still incorrect on the Archive page.

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They look correct now? Am I overlooking something? Changing those settings requires rebuilding all the posts which might take a while.

This is actually a bug with the title case feature, which I will fix and follow up here

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Yep, looks good now. Thanks! 👍

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