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Link metadata not following link format

For this post I've specified the metadata to be:

Date: 2021-01-01 17:15
Link: the-2020-upgradies-upgrade-332
Tags: nerdery, podcasts, favorites
Author: Jarrod Blundy

but I want the permalink to follow the Link Format that I've specified in settings: /blog/{{YYYY}}/{{M}}/{{slug}}

Is there a way to it to work like that? Did I set something wrong?

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If you have "Link" in your metadata it will use that as the link: /the-2020-upgradies-upgrade-332

If you don't it will follow your link format: /blog/{{YYYY}}/{{M}}/{{slug}}

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To be clear, if I want to change the slug from the format parsed from the title and style set in settings, I'll need to manually include the /blog/YYYY/M/ part of the url in my Link metadata?

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Yes, the link metadata will determine the full, final URL. There is a feature request to make the slug portion of the URL modifiable, which I am yet to implement, but please contact us for a notification when that is ready

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