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Too Many Redirects

Hey friends, I'm attempting to transfer my site from Dropbox to Google Drive — Each time I make it through the Google authentication and receive an email from Google confirming that the sign-in was successful, but instead of being redirected to Blot, I get a 'Too many HTTP redirects' error page.

I have tried clearing my cache and have tried using multiple browsers. This appears to be an issue on the Blot end.

Blot now thinks I am connected to Google Drive, but none of my files have been transferred across, and all file links on my website are broken.

Any suggestions? :)

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I had syncing issues when I tried to migrate to/from Dropbox and Google Drive recently. (Ultimately found that Dropbox is more reliable) I had to go through the support email to get it resolved. Unfortunately, it might take some time right now though, since it’s largely a one-person operation and it’s a holiday in the US.

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This issue should now be resolved – please try and re-connect and it should go through! Sorry about this

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Working perfectly. Thanks so much.

Any issues / questions I've ever had with Blot are always addressed so promptly and I really appreciate it. Thanks again!

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