Link format

Each post is assigned a permanent link automatically. You can set the format of these links on the dashboard. If you change the link of a blog post, its old link will redirect to its new link automatically.

ExampleCustom link format


All the properties of a blog post that you can combine in your link format.

{{name}}The file’s name in lowercase.
{{name-without-extension}}The file’s name in lowercase without the file extension.
{{path}}The file’s path in lowercase. A blog post’s link cannot be identical to the path to its source file so combine this with other properties.
{{size}}The file’s size in bytes.
{{created}}The file’s creation date, as a Unix timestamp.
{{updated}}The file’s modified date, as a Unix time­stamp.
{{metadata}}An object containing the metadata keys and values specified at the start of the file.
{{slug}}A URL-friendly version of the post’s title.
{{slug-without-diacritics}}A URL-friendly version of the post’s title without diacritics.
{{page}}True if the file is a page, false otherwise.
{{menu}}True if the file is on your blog’s menu, false otherwise.

You can incorporate components of the post’s publish date. Here is limited selection of the most useful date tokens:

{{YYYY}}Year, e.g. 1970 … 2030
{{M}}Month of the year, e.g. 1 2 … 11 12
{{MM}}Month of the year with a leading zero
{{MMMM}}Month of the year, e.g. January … December
{{D}}Day of the month, e.g. 1 2 … 30 31
{{DD}}Day of the month with a leading zero
{{dddd}}Day of the week, e.g. Sunday … Saturday
{{H}}Hour of the day, e.g. 0 1 … 22 23
{{HH}}Hour of the day, e.g. 00 01 … 22 23
{{h}}Hour of the day, e.g. 1 2 … 11 12
{{hh}}Hour of the day, e.g. 01 02 … 11 12
{{m}}Minute of the hour, e.g. 0 1 … 58 59
{{mm}}Minute of the hour, e.g. 00 01 … 58 59
{{a}}am or pm
{{X}}Unix timestamp
{{x}}Unix millisecond timestamp