Embedding images in blog posts

There are a few ways to insert an image into a blog post. The best way will depend on the location of the image and the type of file you'd like to use to create the blog post.

Using a Word Document

Just drag and drop the image into the Word Document.

Using a text file

You can use Markdown to embed an image. Please note that any image in your blog's folder becomes a blog post by default. You can tell Blot not to turn a particular image into a blog post by starting its name with an underscore, or by putting it in a folder whose name begins with an underscore.

Here's the Markdown to embed an image:

![Image title](/path/to/the/_image.jpg)

Blot resolves relative and absolute paths. Your blog's folder is the root directory. Paths are case-insensitive. You can also embed an image that's already on the internet:

![Image title](https://url.of/the/image.jpg)