Configuring your blog

All of your blog’s configuration is done on the dashboard. Use the dashboard to select a template, adjust Blot’s settings and set up your blog on your own domain.

Use your own domain

Every blog comes with a subdomain that you are free to use. You can also set up your blog on your own domain.

Importing posts

I’ve written scripts to generate a folder of files from sites built on Tumblr, Wordpress, Jekyll and Squarespace. You can run them yourself or contact me and I will run them for you.


You can set up redirects to prevent broken links on your blog. Your blog’s 404 log will help you discover URLs which need redirects.


You can change the format of the permalinks generated automatically for each blog post.


At the moment, Blot’s dashboard, documentation, support and templates are available in English. However, you can translate your blog’s template yourself if you know a little HTML.


Blot comes with a number of features to refine the typography of your blog. This includes true hanging punctuation and common typographic substitutions with Typeset. Blot also renders mathematics in TEX\TeXand provides syntax highlighting for code.