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Adjusting navigation on Portfolio template?

I'm not sure if either are possible, but here goes:

  1. When I click into a tagged set of pictures, could it just go straight to the full size of the first one?
  2. And then, when you're viewing a tagged set, can it not have navigation back to any images not using that tag?

What I'm trying to do, as I remember indexhibit working, is to use tags to create static finished sets of pictures, and then anything not tagged goes under Posts as the main feed. But I don't want picture navigation between the two, especially as there is no title showing what tag you're viewing.

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To adjust the navigation so that when you click on a tagged set you are taken to the most recent entry with that tag, change line 21 in navigation.html to:

<a href="{{{entries.0.url}}}" class="{{active}}">{{name}}</a>

In terms of making the navigation between posts remember the 'context', I think this is a great feature and I'll add it to the portfolio template properly, then follow up here

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This sort of worked: it opened a picture in the tagged set at full size, but no matter what I tried I couldn't consistently get it to open the first picture. On some sets it worked, some it was the last, some in the middle.

I tried re-labelling, re-uploading in different orders, but once it had some image of the files on the server it just kept reverting to that. One filename was not even matching the actual name in the Dropbox folder.

I removed everything for now and will try again this week to see if the server cache has purged (if that's even a thing). Persevering because I like everything about blot.im so far and an hopeful we can get over the last few wrinkles here.

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By first, do you mean the most recent or the oldest?

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I know the whole thing works by showing most recent at the top. So for these static galleries I'm fine to upload, or name files, in reverse order to get Photo 1/x to show first. But, one way or another, I need Photo 1/x to be in first position.

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