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Is it possible to have commas in tags?

Is there a way of having commas in tags? Tried putting the tag in quote marks and escaping the comma but the terms either side of the comma always get separated out into separate tags. Thanks.

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Not right now – since by default tags are separated by commas. I'll add a way to escape a comma inside a tag, either like this:

Tags: Part of\, the tag, that one was not

Or like this:

Tags: 'Part of, the tag', that one was not

I'll need to evaluate the costs and benefits of each method before deciding which to go with – I'll follow up here once it's ready

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Thanks. I tried both those approaches when trying to get it to work. I also tried:


  • single tag with, a comma
  • another tag
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To be clear: these features do not exist write now, I'm sketching out my plan to support commas inside tags.

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