Blog post metadata

Below is the list of metadata which Blot generates for every blog post. This metadata determines a blog post’s properties which are then used to render your blog’s template.

You can override any of these values in the first few lines of a file. You can also define your own custom metadata keys.

Key Value
Date Defaults to the file’s creation date. Specify the post’s publish date using one of the supported formats or by including the date in the file’s name.
Title Defaults to the first title in the blog post, or the file’s name if none exists.
Permalink Defaults to a URL-friendly version of the post’s title. You can change the general format of your site’s permalinks on the dashboard, or specify a permalink in the file’s metadata.
Thumbnail Generated from the largest image in the blog post. You can specify a URL or a path to an image inside your blog’s folder.
Summary Defaults to the first sentence in the file, excluding the title.
Tags Defaults to an empty list. Seperate your tags with a comma.
Draft Defaults to ’No’. Specifying ’Yes’ will turn the blog post into a draft.
Page Defaults to ’No’. Specifying ’Yes’ will turn the blog post into a page.
Menu Defaults to ’Yes’ if the file is a page. ’No’ will hide the page from your site’s menu.