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Combining Blog & Album

Is there a way to combine two themes to have two types of posts? I’m running a blog (based on an older blog template) but I’d also like to show photos (or photo albums) akin to the Portfolio template. Is there a straightforward way to accomplish this?

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Am chiming in because I did something very similar -- I'm using the old blog template and grabbed the portfolio template's fitted-grid.html page (referenced to by tagged.html there) and adapted it for use by making a gallery.html page and plopping the code in there.

It'll need some tweaking but should be pretty much plug 'n play.

Blog: https://alongtheray.com

Gallery page: https://alongtheray.com/gallery


Answered Jul 12 '22 at 1:58 · Improve this answer

You're going to need to dig into the template source code and manually merge the two templates yourself – I will think about ways we could make this more straightforward. Lots of people want what you're after so I will give the problem some thought

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Raising my hand for this. I would love to combine a photography portfolio and a blog! It would allow me to get of Squarespace for good!

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I'm trying to come up with an intuitive way to accomplish this.

Perhaps selectable options for different presentations of the 'tagged' page on the web template editor?

e.g. default tagged page layout: 'blog' tagged page layout for 'photo': 'grid'

Answered Sep 22 '22 at 10:54 · Improve this answer

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