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I have a question or two about how I can use blot to stage some longer form writing I am doing. I write blog posts now in the "posts" folder. These are day to day or so views. The longer form writing would be more words but still markdown formatted. I would like to link to these articles from a landing page but not have them in the same posts folder and also hidden unless someone visits the landing page. I thought of a folder like _stories and then place all the markdown files in there and create the links on the landing page as I go. Is there another way you could suggest publishing longer form writing?

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Just to second this question, since I nearly asked a while ago about implementing a basic Read More -type split in Blog template posts, and about how to link from a front-page post to a longer text that didn't appear on the front page - which is in the same ballpark.

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I'd use tags to accomplish this. Note that you will need to edit your template's source code. You could theoretically filter out posts tagged 'Longform' like so in your template's entries.html file:


And you could generate a list of all the posts tagged 'Longform' in a new template view like so:


Please let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else!

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