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Recommendations for Markdown text-editors?

I’m just getting started with my blog and wondered if you wouldn’t mind giving me some tips on how to make the most of blot?

Here’s how I’m posting: write post in Markdown on Dillinger in my browser, export as Markdown’ and then put in Dropbox.

This is working fine but if I need to edit the post after I’ve seen the preview, I go back into Dillinger, make edits and export and save again.

I just wondered if there’s a better way to do this? I’m very new to this sort of thing so tried to download Atom’ which I thought was a Markdown app, but it doesn’t open on my computer.

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Thanks for giving Blot a go!

Before we get into Markdown, it’s worth mentioning that Blot supports Word Documents — if you like Word, feel comfortable using it, its convenience is hard to match (e.g. the ease with which images can be added to posts — just drag and drop).

If you definitely want to use Markdown, then there’s a wide selection of text-editors suited to it. Here are some text-editors that are popular among people who use Blot:

If you tell me which operating system and device you plan to use, I’d be happy to recommend more specifically (I think most of those apps target MacOS/iOS).

Also, here’s a more general text editor with some unusual features:

There are extensive guides to all the Markdown formatting possibilities here: https://blot.im/how/format

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