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How to hide ‘digital garden’ posts from Magazine template front page?

Hi! Is it possible to hide 'digital garden' posts from my front page? I want to only show blog-style posts, but my 'evergreen' digital garden posts are also appearing on the front page. I want to be able to link to digital garden posts, but not show them on front page or in archive. Thanks!

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Add the following metadata at the very start of your digital garden posts:

Page: yes
Menu: no

This will prevent those posts appearing on your main feed, and in your site's menu, but you will still be able to link to them from other posts. It might be helpful to also set the link of each post manually, so you can more easily link to the post from elsewhere:

Link: first-garden

Please let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else.

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Thank you so much! Works great!

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Would one then be able to create a template that generates a list of files containing that combination of metadata (Page: yes Menu: no)? Something like
<a href=“{{{url}}}“>{{title}}</a>

I guess the question is whether there is an array of pages that one could use… Or do I misunderstand how Mustache uses inverted sections?

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No, it's not possible to dynamically render a list of all the pages on your site. It's possible for posts, but not pages. I will add this to the template engine and follow up here

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