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Is there a separate template for pages?

Is there a different template for pages? I'm seeing a partial double-footer on Pages, but not on Entries/Blogs posts.

In the screenshot, the horizontal rules and the Kofi image are part of footer.html. On post pages only, the hr / and Kofi logo show up twice, but not the rest of the footer.

Dropbox to screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8u4f1w9rjnnn3wq/_double-footer.png?dl=1

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There are generally differences in the design of the permalink pages for posts and pages. Would you mind sharing a live link to the page with the double footer?

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Sure. Here's a couple static pages: https://www.cocktailsandcoffee.com/now https://www.cocktailsandcoffee.com/uses

and here's a regular blog post: https://www.cocktailsandcoffee.com/return-to-the-omni-show

All static pages show the double footer, the blog posts don't.

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I see – this is likely caused by the contents of the template tags in your entry.html file which handle the page property of the {{#entry}} block. Are you repeating the code which embeds the footer – {{> footer}}?

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found it! It was a problem with entry.html, but not a duplicate {{>footer}}. There was a tag for the Ko-Fi link from an old design before I moved it to the footer.

Not sure why it only showed up on pages and not posts, but it's gone now. thanks!

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