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Local template?

I'm gonna start building my own template for Blot. I've read through the developer docs and it mentions that one can have the template file locally in their Blot folder.

The documentation doesn't say what that folder should be called in order for Blot to “see” it though? Does Blot even care? Or is it clever enough to recognise a template in the Blot folder and make it available for use in the dashboard?


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I've managed to work this out myself by forking a template and selecting “edit locally” so all good there. I do have another question though if that's ok…

Let's say the fork is called “copy-of-blank” if I rename the template to “kev” and select “edit locally” so the template is synced to my local Dropbox folder, it still comes through as “copy-of-blank” and if I rename the local folder to match the name I gave it on the webUI, the template fails to load.

Is there a way to rename the local folder so that it matches the name of the template on the WebUI?


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You can't rename the folder for a locally edited template right now – However, I plan to make it so Blot works in the way you describe, i.e. Blot reads template directories from anywhere in your folder and makes these available on your dashboard

I'll follow up here once it's possible to rename these template folders

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Thanks, David.

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+1 for being able to set the template folder name and location.

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