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Not able to delete a post

I created a post and now it is not getting removed from my blog even though the file has been deleted.

I had initially connected by Google Drive. I have now connected it to Dropbox. But it is still the same problem. How do I delete the post?

Interestingly, this post was created for one of my blogs. It somehow is being duplicated to my second blog, where it was never there as a file.

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Please can you send us an email if you haven't already, we'll resolve the issue on your site?

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I too am running into this issue - I have been trying to remove images that turn into posts - but for some reason they are being cached by the sync.

I've deleted said images from my google drive folder but they still appear as posts on the blog

I have tried switching between google drive and dropbox and it seems to work - but most of the times it does not…

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