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Is there a way to share an html page that is totally standalone from the rest of the site? Like I made a little webpage that is a kind of webtoy, but if I try and share it in one of my blot folders it doesn't work properly because blot renders it within the entry.html stylings etc. (which I understand cos it's rendered in the {{{html}}} block of the template). Is there a workaround to get blot to not render any other html/css/js other than what this html file is telling it to? Or would I have to host it elsewhere and link to it from my blog?

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I haven't tried it, but I'd say, put your HTML file in the Pages section. Then your page is not enumerated by the entries data structure.

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I got this question as well, is there a way to render HTML .html file directly without render by the template? For example, we can put .html file in Pages folder and set an variable to turn off render by template setting, and we can see what we have set css in the file?

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You can place an HTML file in your folder whose name begins with an underscore to prevent Blot turning it into a post. Once you do so, it will be accessible in full, standalone, at its path, e.g. if you place a file called '_apple.html' in the root of your blog folder:

If you place a file called 'banana.html' in a folder called '_static' in the root of your blog folder:

I recognise that the underscore and the '.html' extension make the URLs less appealing, and I'm thinking of ways to make it possible to have pretty URLs, e.g. ->
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Yes, do believe the pretty url would help a lot, would like to have this to have to flexibility for standalone html file hosting.

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