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Date format not being respected

I've noticed that the date format I've set in 'Analytics, comments, typography > Date and time' is not being respected. I have it set to 'Day-Month-Year', but posts on my site are still presented with the date in 'Month Day, Year'. Can anyone give me an idea what I should be looking for in the source code that defines the date format?

(I realise this will be somewhat template-dependent, and I've modified mine so much over the years that I honestly forget which it was originally forked from, Rosa maybe?)

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Are you using the {{date}} tag in your custom template? That is the tag affected by the date display settings.

Note the date display settings are adjustable on the template editor for your template.

The option on the services page of the dashboard only affects the date parser

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Yep, here's the line from entries.html that generates the date:

<a class="small date left margin" href="{{url}}">{{date}}</a>

and here in entry.html:

<a class="small date left margin" href="{{{url}}}">{{date}}</a>

By "template editor", do you mean the Settings panel (below)? If so, date display options don't seem to be included there:

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It took me 7 months, but I finally understood what you were saying here, and I've fixed it!

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Excellent, please let me know if anything else comes up

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