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I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get the author parsed by read later services. For some reason, Pocket has pulled out "merch" as the author of my posts, and I don't know why. Any ideas?

Example post.

Pocket screenshot

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I ended up adjusting some of the <meta> tags in the head.html file, and added a JSON-LD block to hopefully help with parsing and SEO. This post has some good advice as well. Ultimately, it did not fix the Pocket parsing issue with "merch" above, but apparently, Pocket is notoriously tricky to get to parse authors correctly.

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Interesting - I’m not that familiar with pocket but it should be possible to add whichever <meta> tags are required to your custom template on Blot

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I figured this specific problem out. In my footer, I had a link on the word "merch" that went to https://cottonbureau.com/people/heydingus. I think the "people" in that URL took precedence over all the meta tags I set. I changed that link to https://heydingus.net/store and redirected it to that Cotton Bureau link, and Pocket now correctly parses my name as the byline.

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